Air lvl11 Mage
CIS- She/her pronouns- Aspergian- Queer- White-

Hello! I should start with the fact that this is a blog tailored to my own interests, which are varied and many. Honestly, wave a cursor over the posts and you'll likely see Van Gogh in daisy dukes or something. Maybe a hamster with an attached audio post of Homestuck Trolls singing Furgalicious will appear. I post things about politics from time to time, so do with that what you will. Feminism, art, science, and social commentary often make their rounds as well. In short, this is where I post what matters to me, and everyone else is irrelevant at the time. Love you all, but This Is Mine. Look, I enunciated it and everything.

Nevertheless, this is a Safe Zone, and if you would like to share your burdens, I'm happy to oblige. However, sometimes I offend people by accident, and If you wish to inform me of something problematic I have said, please shoot me an ask or tag a submission as "I disagree with you." I will then look it over, we can pretend we are sharing a beverage, and talk through the matter.